Couples: do you ever take breaks? Like you’re still in the same house but maybe somebody sleeps on the couch, y’all hardly speak, shit like that. I’m asking for a friend.

He must have been drowsy because he never talks that much on the phone. He was walking around holding a conversation. They sang twinkle twinkle and everything 😂😭

Talking to uncle Chris on the phone 😂📞👶

Since moving (and even before let’s be honest) I’ve been slacking on the before bed story time.

Mason is 18 months and doesn’t say very many words. He can clearly say and identify mom and dad. Everything else is jibber jabber or a variation of mom or dad. Ex: bye bye is pronounce dada.

I think the two are directly related to each other. I’m worried about him. Jasiah knew words like motorcycle and he knew some colors before he turned 2. (Proof on the YouTube channel) I feel like I fell off the mom wagon and I really need to get back on…

This boy and his dog smh


*excessively takes pictures of baby*

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I want something super saucy and hot
I want some ice cream
I was some sushi
None of these things are in the kitchen and I’ve got to get up and go make dinner now….

Ughh shark week!!

I’ve vowed to take my camera just about everywhere to get my practice on. It makes perfect and that’s what I’m working on. Today we went to the park and it wasn’t until after I got home and looked back at the specs that I realized my iso was waaaay to high for this atmosphere. I only got a few OK shots out if this. But I’ll do better next time