*excessively takes pictures of baby*

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I want something super saucy and hot
I want some ice cream
I was some sushi
None of these things are in the kitchen and I’ve got to get up and go make dinner now….

Ughh shark week!!

I’ve vowed to take my camera just about everywhere to get my practice on. It makes perfect and that’s what I’m working on. Today we went to the park and it wasn’t until after I got home and looked back at the specs that I realized my iso was waaaay to high for this atmosphere. I only got a few OK shots out if this. But I’ll do better next time

🎶people let me tell you bout my best friend🎶

My phone’s wall paper is better than yours 😋 it feels like a whole new phone when you change the wall paper #TheLittleThings

Officially my season! #NoneBetterThanALeo