Our Friday ✌

Its that time of year. Or,rather, every other year I should say. #renewal

My Friday ✌

I should not be subject to feeling like this…….

Heartbroken 💔

Back story: my cousin and I rent a house together. Brent is living there too. Her old apt was well known by the police for domestic violence. She always called the police on her baby daddy. Once they even took her to jail (and she’s going to trial because she plead not guilty) because he was the one with the physical proof of harm. Her baby daddy moved into the new house with us as well. Before the move, the four of us sat around and talked. I was very stern on no fighting in front of my kids and that if they need to cool their heads they could take a walk or whatever but I don’t want any of the same drama, no cops, no nothing. So we all moved in and then she put him out and then he came back and that brings us to yesterday….

She called the cops on him yesterday morning while I was at work. Was that at a courtesy to me? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter because we agreed on none of that. 5 cop cars came, guns drawn, looking for the baby daddy. He surrendered himself and provided video proof to them that she was the one fighting him. Including a marked up chest done by her. The end result was that they both went to jail.

At first, I’ll admit, I was relieved. I felt free in my home when I’ve been feeling like a prisoner. I woke up refreshed to a home of just me and mine. I was in heaven. I had started to make preparations for her exit. “If she’s in there a while she can’t pay rent so, she gotta go. Even if she does get out soon, I don’t want that havoc around. She broke the agreement and its even written in the lease she signed NO VIOLENCE, so she has to go right?” I was ready, I was bold and then this morning happened….

She’s out. The brats dad bailed her out. I though for sure she wouldn’t get out until her trial because its the same charge and she got in trouble while out on bond. But I guess she got lucky and she came home just as I was headed to work. All of a sudden I am frozen. I know for sure I can’t live with her anymore. Its gonna be more of the same and I refuse to subject me and mine to that any longer. I’m uncomfortable. I don’t like it. I want her gone. Its only fair that she leaves. I’ve done nothing to jepordize my living situation, she has. She caused it she goes right?

But its hard. I find myself shaken and sadden by it all. I’m not mean. I know I have to look out for me but I know its gonna cause us to be completely done. Our relationship will be over and it will be all of her fault. She’s been lieing about me to family, she has neighborhood watch watching us and our neighbors are certain we are a frat house. I can’t live like this. This isn’t me. But she won’t see her suggested/forced removal as her fault. She’ll see it as me kicking her out, as me being wrong, as me being someone different and maybe even picking sides.

So see… I’m heartbroken. I know I can’t live like this and I also know this will for sure dead our relationship. (Even though, she’s already told me it was dead….)

Good morning, sunshine 🌞

They took a selfie. #MasonIsForeverBlurry #latergram

As much as I want to tune in to all the juicy details of, yet again, another fight, I will not subject my children to this nonsense. *locks the kids in my room and turns the TV up*

I can’t even ask y’all to go outside cuz neighborhood watch is already watching us….

We’ve only been here 2 months