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If I was Tina I would be worried too and would ask about the situation at home. That being said she's only involved with Jasiah when she feels like it, which is bullshit and if she really worried that much she would have stepped in more.


For you or Tina or anyone for that matter to be worried about Jasiah’s home situation would insinuate that you do not trust me as a parent. You do not trust that I am doing everything in my power to provide him with the best life that I can, that I do not support him, encourage him, teach him, protect him or take care of him. You are basically saying that you do not trust me with my child and that is devastating. If you asked Jasiah about his home life he would tell  you that I am all of that and more. The problem is, those are things in which he need not think about let alone translate it to you. He doesn’t need to be questioned and worried and its uncomfortable for him to be interrogated. Who wants to go through that?

Despite what anyone really things I KNOW what goes on at home, what he goes through, how things are. I know what kind of parent I am and I’m not perfect but I do my very best. There is nothing or no one, not even myself that comes before the well being of my children. Both of them. Equally.

I will say this. If you, or Tina, or anyone else has any real concern for my son then please be my guest and have cps investigate and be all up in our lives everyday for the rest of it and by doing so I can assure you that you are wasting everyones time.


I’m so torn!! I don’t know what to do…



Do any of you have government assistance with anything? My mom has decided to no longer pay for anything. I will be trying to get a weekend job. I can’t get a full-time job because I can’t work during the week because I have no one to watch Marley and no money to pay for a babysitter. So I need to apply for assistance and wondered if any of you have an advice or information about government assistance?

Government assistance can be a God sent for those who really need it. Unfortunately, they help the lowest of the low more than others, just meaning, the slightest help you do get can disqualify you or limit what you get. It’s like you have to be doing, or appear to be doing the worst in order for them to assist you.

I don’t know where you live but here in Nevada I’m on it all. (Not for long, thank God) One of the first things you can do is apply for subsidized housing. its apartments who’s rent goes according to your income, if you have no income then you have no rent. There maybe waiting list for some of these places but they are worth waiting for. Food stamps should come easy with no income and a child. Cash assistance should as well. The way it works here is that while you are on cash assistance they will give you child care in order for you to look for a job. Once you do get a job your weekly rate for childcare will depend on how much money you make.

All of this can get really stressful and can feel really overwhelming but just know that in order for you and your child to be ok these are steps that you need to take. Soon enough you and your child will be stable enough to no longer require government assistance.

Good luck!

"Can I get Jasiah this weekend?"

Tina just texted me that….

I’m working on a response and got this so far,

I know that Jasiah loves you and loves going over there and I would never want to break that apart. I know that you no longer respect me or my parenting which is fine, but I need you to respect Jasiah in order for him to continue to be allowed over there. Any interrogation questions about what goes on at home is unacceptable and talking to a child about adult matters is unnecessary. He, at 3, does not need to be worried about adult matters such as who YOU do or don’t like and what you do or don’t agree with. In order for him to come over, I need to know that you are just going to enjoy him and not bring up old things, ask him question after question and not discuss adult topics with him. If those boundaries can not be accept then there is really no need for him to go over there.



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